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Asia Investors Group (AIG) is formed primarily to create and give an edge to the investors. Whether you are still learning how to invest in property or hoping to invest in your first property now or some time in the future, or you are a seasoned investor looking to increase your portfolio with the right investments that fit your requirements, or you are simply looking or seeking to increase your skill, knowledge or network or to find and connect with the right team members who can make your investment goal a reality, being part of AIG will certainly help you get closer to your desired goals and objectives.

By forging together as members of AIG, investors benefit from collective strength, knowledge, opportunities and the EDGE which some are only available to a selected few. As fellow investors, we all know you need the right skills, knowledge, network and opportunities....and 'THE EDGE' as well -It is always better to have an edge over the rest of the people out there than not to have.

For this purpose, AIG is "By" investors who are passionate about investment, in particular, property investment and who understand and believe that one's net worth cannot grow just by saving one's salary but through investing and leveraging. The creators of AIG are not only passionate but have also been involved in the property industry in many areas and facets and have a deep understanding of its workings. They are sought after by Developers for their experience to assist Developers in various areas such as concept design, value creation, architectural, branding, sales and marketing, legal, financing, feasibility and development. By bringing all these experience, skills and network together in synergy with right partners and associates, collectively, AIG desire to bring together like-minded investors who desire to increase their net worth and make their MILLIONS through investment opportunities available in the marketplace both locally and internationally.


  • Investing Skills
  • Investment Strategies
  • Investment Knowledge
  • Powerful Networking
  • Investment Leverage and Negotiation
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